Launch of “NEED – News Literacy on Board” Project

Launch of “NEED – News Literacy on Board” Project

October marks European Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we are excited to launch our newest initiative, “NEED – NEWS LITERACY ON BOARD.” This pioneering project is now underway. At the heart of NEED is the goal to develop and improve the abilities required for critically assessing information, using game-based learning as the primary approach.

The spread of disinformation poses a significant challenge in the information age. The project aims to equip people with the necessary tools and knowledge to distinguish between truth and falsehood, thereby improving information literacy and critical thinking skills among adults. This project offers a captivating and innovative learning method, utilizing the engaging and interactive qualities of game-based approaches to facilitate education and skill development.

Our journey over the next two years will be marked by a dynamic collaboration with esteemed partners who share a joint commitment to combating disinformation. The consortium driving the NEED project includes notable institutions: Nikanor from Bulgaria (acting as the coordinator), Hacettepe University in Turkey, the Belgrade City Library in Serbia, and the Adult Education Center UPI Žalec in Slovenia.

This project, spanning from October 2023 to September 2025, is a testament to our partners’ collaborative spirit and dedication, supported by the EU Erasmus+ Programme.

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